Spark Power delivers best in breed power systems management through our group of companies, each of which are recognized leaders in providing inspections, maintenance, engineering services, commissioning services, testing, repairs, upgrade work and replacements and custom electrical contracting services.

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Pelikan delivers engineering and maintenance services for medium and high voltage infrastructure assets and has built a reputation as power systems installation and retrofit specialists.

High Voltage Operations

As part of our substation maintenance programs, Pelikan develops customized scopes of work based on our customers’ specific equipment and site requirements including transformer testing and repairs retro-filling, oil filtration and de-gasification along with switchgear testing, calibration, upgrades and modernization of controls. Other services include:

  • Relay testing and calibration, meter testing
  • Circuit breaker inspection, testing, calibration, rebuild and conversions
  • Cable Over Potential and VLF testing, repair and replacement
  • Ground fault system repairs and upgrades
  • Ground Grid design and testing
  • Electrical systems trouble shooting
  • Equipment failure restoration 24/7

Retrofit and Replacement

Pelikan builds customized solutions to retrofit or replace obsolete or end of life equipment including circuit breakers, transformers, switchboards and switchgear, motor control centres and panel boards.

Commissioning/Acceptance Testing

Pelikan provides a full range of commissioning and acceptance testing for power systems and co-generation projects including specialty startup functional tests, point to point wiring checks and ensure protective devices are set to co-ordination values.

Engineering Services

Pelikan’s team of experienced engineers help customers ensure their power infrastructures are operating at their most efficient and cost effective through systems evaluations and modernization studies, power quality monitoring, system harmonic analysis, protection device coordination studies, short circuit analysis, system load flow studies, ground grid design, power factor studies and single line system drawings.

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