Dundee Spark Land Lease Partners is a partnership between leading investment management firm, Dundee Corporation and renewable power experts, Spark Power. We provide upfront lump-sum payments to property owners in exchange for long-term land lease agreements with wind, solar, power transmission and telecommunication companies.

The Dundee Spark Lease Settlement Program (“LSP 1.0”) was created by Dundee Spark Land Lease Partners for Canadian landowners who are currently receiving lease payments from companies in the wireless, renewable energy generation, power transmission and telecommunication sectors located on their property.

Through LSP 1.0, Dundee Spark will provide qualified landowners with a lump-sum, upfront payment in exchange for these landowners future lease payments. This allows landowners to create value by using their funds for other purposes and priorities such as; investment in other assets or businesses; acquiring new assets or land, paying down a mortgage or funding a child’s college expenses.

There is over 4 billion dollars of Renewable Energy, Wireless Telecommunications, and Power Distribution assets across Canada. LSP 1.0 is a $320 million commitment established by Dundee Spark to secure land lease buyouts from landowners. The historically low interest rates and investors’ appetite for these sorts of transactions make this a compelling time to consider a land lease buyout under the LSP 1.0 Program.

How It Works

Focusing primarily on the Wind and Solar sectors of the Renewable Energy Generation Industry, Cellular Towers, and Power Transmission Towers, Dundee Spark provides upfront lump-sum payments in exchange for long-term land lease agreements.

Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, the Dundee Spark team combines Spark Power’s market leadership in Ontario’s renewable power sector with the financial strength, integrity and experience of the Dundee Corporation, a leader in Canadian investment management for more than 25 years.

There are a number of reasons that lease settlement can present a viable solution to Canadian property owners:

The cash today can be used for alternative and potentially more profitable opportunities (ie. investment opportunities or to purchase new equipment/land).

Tax Advantage
There is a potential tax benefit arising from the capital gains treatment of the upfront lease prepayment versus the additional tax burden arising from your lease payment income.

Certainty and Security
There is certainty in taking an upfront payment today. Regulatory, market and production risks are eliminated through your one time lump-sum payment.

Taking part in this opportunity is easy and quick:

Step 1: Lease Review
Connect with a Dundee Spark Specialist and share basic information on the details of your lease. We will review the materials and ask make ask some basic questions.

Step 2: Quote & Agreement Presentation
Your Dundee Spark Specialist will reconnect with you to present details of a custom quote for your lump-sum prepayment, based on your lease terms. He will carefully answer any questions you might have so you understand exactly what is being proposed. There is no pressure to accept the proposal, no tricks and no fine print. At your direction the Specialist will send to you agreement documents based on the presentation.

Step 3: Review, Acceptance & Funding
All of our materials are specifically developed to Canadian regulatory code and laws. But even so, upon receipt of Agreement documents, you should review and analyze with your legal, financial and tax advisors to determine the strategy that best suits your situation and intended use for he proceeds. Assuming all is good, you can now accept the Agreement and receive your lump-sum prepayment. We will even cover a portion of your legal and accounting professional service fees.

For more information, visit us at www.dundeespark.com

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