Spark Power, through its Spark Solar division, is preparing for amendments to current Net Metering regulations to allow for virtual net metering projects in 2018.

Community Virtual Net Metering

Community Virtual Net Metering opens up net metering opportunities to consumers who may not have a property or rooftop suitable for solar panels. Multiple homeowners or businesses can participate in the same net metered system and share the output from a single generation facility that is not physically connected to their property (or their meter).

The monthly energy (kWh) produced by the project is netted off the participants’ electricity bill proportionally based on their level of ownership in the project

Multiple Entity Virtual Net Metering

Multiple entity virtual net metering or community net metering, allows for multiple people or businesses to participate in a shared generation project that can be sized to meet their combined electricity needs. Community net metering provides an opportunity for customers who are unable to participate in a traditional net-metered system, such as condo-owners, tenants, and others with unsuitable rooftops for solar.

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